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Take a look at this !!! Whoa !! Now we have to tell you that you cannot get all of these items 5 days a week, although, if you come to Carmelinas Cafe you can get more of our menu. But these items are carried on a rotating basis and if you check out our Facebook Page you will see what is on the truck on a daily basis. So LIKE us, SHARE us and check back often !! Thank you for looking and if you find yourself getting really close to your screen and sneaking a taste, well we understand, but unfortunately technology isn’t that good………yet. Munga Munga

Probably one of the most ordered sandwiches on the menu and it is a DAILY item , so no worries , unless there is a real shortage of Havarti and the bread truck from New Jersey doesn’t show up then you won’t get one. But this sandwich is made with real sourdough bread, its crispy good, I mean crunchy on the outside and soft and gooey in the middle. And the cheese, oh man, melted to perfection, a little sweet and very cheesy. And then there’s this sauce we put on it, of course we can’t tell you about that, you see all great food has a secret. And we will gladly share the secret with you…… bite at a time…….This is the Fancy Grilled Cheese. Munga Munga

Another big hit on the menu and a daily item is our Worlds Best Chicken Salad WBCS for short. We serve this on a wrap or on wheat bread, if your looking for something without Gluten I recommend the gluten free styrofoam cup with the chicken salad inside. You will love this because we make it, no we’re serious we cook the chicken too, daily…… 25 pounds of it. Real, white meat, boneless, skinless, sugar free, no peanuts , no hormone all natural chicken. And then we dice it up, by hand, and then add some secret stuff that we can’t tell you about. The good news is you can have as much as you want !! And for full disclosure when you ask whats in the chicken salad, its just chicken, some tiny celery, some mayo, some secret and that’s it.

What would Carmelina’s be without Saturday Street Tacos ? Made in the true California recipe these are true Carnitas Street Tacos. Slow cooked pork and seasoned to perfection and then gently laid into a lightly crisped, hot , corn tortilla. Covered in our marinated cabbage (no its not cole slaw) and then topped with Queso Fresco Cheese and Cilantro. These do sell out so get there early, 10:30 am is when they start flying out of the window, just open your mouth and our chef will toss them in !!
Below this line you’ll find items we have on the menu on a rotating basis, you can LIKE us and FOLLOW us on facebook to see what the current day’s menu is. Remember we rotate these items to keep the menu fresh and exciting. On certain event nights we feature a specialty item so check our facebook page often and remember.

Caprese Salad




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