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Do you have a sit down restaurant ?

We thought you’d never ask. You bet we do, its called Carmelinas Cafe and is located at Baptist Medical Park on 9 Mile Road and University, inside the Baptist Medical facility , Ground Floor. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Serving the general public, with breakfast and lunch, no you don’t need to be a patient or employee to eat there. And, its not hospital food !! If you are an employee you can use your employee i.d. for payroll deduction of your meal. This is one of those great secret locations to get great food and an expanded menu of the original food truck.

Do you cater ?

Catering is something we love to do and you are welcome to call us for a catering consultation. We have the ability to do a full service catering meal with all the dishes or maybe you just want a large family meal delivered. Feel free to call us so we can discuss your needs and desires for your event or occasion and we promise to make it extra great !! We do not use frozen, processed, easy to heat up ingredients, our food is made to order.

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Can you take the truck to my event ?

Carmelinas on the Go can be wherever you need us to be, give us a call at 850.366.3819 and we will make it happen. We have the ability to be onsite, off-site or in the background making your event special and allowing you to take all the credit for having real food prepared right there. We like to be different and not just because we are a food truck but because we are different. Its important to have more than enough food and not feel shorted.

Do you serve alcohol at your location or events ?

No, there are plenty of vendors that can provide a separate alcohol service and even more restaurants that serve alcohol. We believe in being good at just one thing and that is providing great food.