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Carmelinas on the Go is a local Food Truck in Pace Florida just a few miles from Pensacola. Famous for the Fancy Grilled Cheese and Chicken Salad as well as the Saturday Street Tacos. You can find out all about us by searching Google. We look forward to feeding you something great, our food is “made” we don’t reheat, warm up, microwave or deep fry our menu. Our bread is brought in fresh from New Jersey each week, we are serious about what we do. Thank you for stopping by……….Munga Munga

Dads Truck Clear
My father owned a food truck in the Bronx, New York. That’s Daddy holding me up next to my mom. Little did I know, someday, I would be in this business. It wasn’t really my plan, I knew that great food was something to be shared, and when I received a little wooden box, that my Father made, the story began to unfold. In that little wooden box were my Father’s recipes, handed down, some created and most importantly they became the catalyst for my cooking.

Food is very personal for me, it has to be good, it has to be prepared right and unlike those places that simply re-heat, boil in a bag and serve you processed food, it has to be made.

When we decided to commit to the food business we had several options. Open a stand-alone, brick and mortar restaurant and pay rent that is unjustifiably high for the community we live in. And then try to deliver great food at a consistent and reasonable price while facing the same problems so many start-ups do, the death of a restaurant.

This is why you see so many locations, that are not national chains or part of a 3 or 4 location business, fail. Ultimately, they have to turn to frozen and substandard products, that are designed to turn a high profit just to cover their expenses. The truck allows us to serve high quality ingredients at a competitive price. Quality and great taste have to be first.

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